Ayelen  Parolin

Wherever The Music Takes You II

Pice for one performer and one pianist 

Since 2014 and the trio Heretics, Ayelen Parolin collaborates with pianist and composer Lea Petra. Through the duo Wherever The Music Takes You, it's their way of co-writing that they re-explore with two on the set. And this, for the first time: in the four creations that brought them together so far, if Lea was already on stage, Ayelen led the project from the outside.

Thus, last year (as part of the XS Festival in Brussels) was born a first version of their stage meeting. A work on the unpredictable, for a writing resolutely conjugated to the present of the representation, intermingling hold and enjoy, rage and pleasure, energy of the excess and policy of skidding - more or less controlled. A duet as a snub to this present time where triumph security and predictive algorithms.

For this second version of Wherever The Music Takes You, the tandem takes the perspective of working on the unpredictable by approaching it in another way. It is no longer a question of speaking of, but of starting from the unpredictable: the challenge is no longer to refer to it as a possible grid of reading or as a writing intention, but as the objective to follow - for each, separately - in the choice of the modalities of work and writing... And come what may?

Created from 26 February to 2 March 2019, Les Brigittines (Brussels, BE)

Choreography & performance Ayelen Parolin Musical creation & piano Lea Petra Assistant choreographer Marc Iglesias Light & space design Laurence Halloy Stage management Gaspar Schelck Dramaturgy Olivier Hespel Costumes Marie Artamonoff et Ayelen Parolin Thanks Julie Bougard

Production RUDA asbl Coproduction Les Brigittines, Le Théâtre National (Bruxelles) Studios Les Brigittines, La Raffinerie / Charleroi danse

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