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Atelier tout public donné Par Alessandro Bernardeschi

Le Delta, Namur - 10 au 13 juillet 2023

Fictional Self-Portrait

Centre d'études théâtrales (UCLouvain) - 25-29 October 2021

For this workshop, I want to start from the students' proposals, desires and fantasies, as a meeting, a time of sharing, of opening, and of reflection on individual and collective freedom. How can we work together without losing a sense of individuality, find the balance between oneself and the other, be oneself and be a group at the same time? Between theater and dance, it will be a matter of weaving sensitive realtions between word and body, of breaking the borders that separate the disciplines to find a common space, to create a hybrid that plays on codes and references, a collective collage of crossed paths.

The Contemporary Body

Online - 27 & 29 July 2021

Ayelen Parolin will employ her work Autoctonos II, which is presented in this edition of #DANCELESS complex, as a starting point to invite local professional dancers and movers to take part and experience the unique form of structure as well as the movement languages in the work. With a series of exercises, she will also share her directing tools to guide the participants to a certain state of body, which is available, devoted and listening.

(annulé) MAI'tallurgie

Charleroi, Belgique - Janvier à Mai 2021

ARTS² – l'École supérieure des arts de Mons

Mons, Belgique - Octobre-décembre 2020

(cancelled) CENTRALE for contemporary arts

Brussels, Belgium - 21 October 2020

Master in Dance and Choreographic Practices

Brussels - from September 2021

Ayelen Parolin is part of the pedagogical team of the Master since its creation in 2021.


Conscious of today’s artistic challenges and the reality of the contemporary world, this master’s programme offers choreographers, tomorrow’s creators, a training framework for post-graduate education that combines and develops specific learning, competences and research in dance and its writing and production. Comprising a variety of different approaches and references, the programme is designed to reflect the aesthetic diversity and richness of choreography today. The aim of the master’s programme is to offer an international and multicultural teaching framework that challenges and stimulates the (re)invention of the place of artists in society, encouraging new forms of artistic action, practices, approaches and reflections to flourish – those of the choreographers of tomorrow.   

Its objective is to link theory — history of dance, history of art, dramaturgy and analysis — and practice — both physical and choreographic. Taking centre stage, but in interaction with other disciplines and professional paths, choreographic creation is also addressed in terms of its technical and administrative aspects, including lighting design, sound, stage design, costumes and production.
Learning by doing and teamwork are the general principles guiding the education in the master’s programme in order to foster the freedom and responsibility of future choreographers and artists.    

The training course runs for two years, from September to June each year, at different sites of the associated organisations (INSAS, La Cambre, Charleroi danse/La Raffinerie and at studios of other partners.
ULB and the Royal Conservatory of Brussels are also partners in the program.  

Retrouvons l'enfant en nous

Académie d'Uccle - 9-16-23 novembre 2021

Workshop Audition WEG

Studio Étangs Noirs - 5 décembre 2021

Workshop Corps Multiple/Training Program

La Raffinerie, BRUXELLES, BELGIQUE - 7 au 11 février 2022

Master Danse et écriture chorégraphique - Comment faire du sérieux sans se prendre au sérieux

La Raffinerie, Bruxelles, Belgique - Du 25 avril au 6 mai 2022

Workshop autour de la création SIMPLE

Le 104, Paris, France - mai 2022


CND de Paris, Paris, France - du 13 au 17 juin 2022

Atelier PRO

CND de Lyon, LYON, FRANCE - 24 et 25 septembre 2022

Workshop pour les étudiants du Centre d’études théâtrales de l'Université de Louvain-la-Neuve donné par Ayelen Parolin

Louvain La Neuve - 24 au 25 octobre 2021

Workshop pour les étudiants du Master danse et pratiques chorégraphiques donné par Ayelen Parolin

Charleroi danse - 19 au 23 septembre 2022

Workshop pour des artistes professionnels donné par Ayelen Parolin

CND Lyon - 24 et 25 septembre 2022

Workshop pour les étudiants du Master danse et pratiques chorégraphiques donné par Ayelen Parolin

Charleroi danse - 26 au 30 septembre 2022

Atelier à destination de public amateur autour des représentations de SIMPLE, donné par Ayelen Parolin

Théâtre National Wallonie Bruxelles - 17, 18 et 20 janvier 2023

Atelier chorégraphique à destination de danseur.se.s de la formation Extensions donné par Ayelen Parolin

La Place de la Danse / CDCN Toulouse Occitanie - 15 février 2023

Entrainement régulier du danseur, à destination des étudiant.e.s à la formation au Diplôme d’Etat, aux danseur.se.s professionnel.le.s et aux professeurs de danse diplômés d’Etat, donne par Daan Jaartsveld

Le Gymnase CDCN Roubaix Hauts de France - 6 mars 2023

Atelier à destination de danseur.se.s professionnel.le.s donné par Ayelen Parolin

Théâtre du Sévelin, Lausanne - 11 mars 2023

Atelier tout public, donné par Piet Defrancq

Le Delta, Namur - 18 mars 2023

Atelier à destination de public amateur autour des représentations de WEG, donné par Ayelen Parolin

Théâtre National Wallonie Bruxelles - 21 et 22 avril 2023

Masterclass à destination de danseur.se.s professionnel.le.s donnée par Ayelen Parolin

Plattform Studio / Festival Perspectives, Saarbrücken - 28 mai 2023

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